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Climate? Washington is acting--and that's bad

Date published: 12/26/2012

Climate? Washington is acting--and that's bad

As you headlined the story, "Science doubters say world is warming" [Dec. 15]. And the sky is falling.

More seriously, as the story says, a lot of Americans say the government should do something about the problem.

Get real, survey respondents. The government is already doing quite a lot about global warming, even though it hasn't warmed any more in more than a dozen years.

Since warming fears arose in the latter part of the last century, stoked by grant-seeking climate scientists, the governmental reaction has been considerable.

One hardly needs a reminder. Consider all the burdensome regulations and laws that are closing coal mines, promoting electric cars, filling gas tanks with corn, imposing carbon taxes and screwy light bulbs and huge windmills. More are on the way.

Even so, global climate is likely to continue on its merry way, influenced by the sun, of course. And its changing spots. And the tilt of the earth. And a lot of things way beyond the control of today's mortals--or the cave dwellers and dinosaurs that preceded us.

Ben. R. Blankenship Jr.