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Out of the mouths of babes come sweet holiday wishes

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Date published: 12/28/2012

By Edie Gross

"If you could give the world any present this holiday, what would it be and why?"

That's what we asked first-, second- and third-graders at Conway Elementary in Stafford and R.E. Lee Elementary in Spotsylvania. And the students had so many great wishes for the world, that we weren't able to squeeze them all into the paper before Christmas.

How's that for a gift that keeps on giving?

--Edie Gross

I can give some people a new book.

--Nadia Ankrah, 6

It would be $100 million dollars because I want America to have new buildings and more command stations for the Army. I would give people a free house and pay all of their bills.

--Timberlin Rogers, 8

I will give the world toys so the world won't be bored.

--Camayn Belman, 7

I would give the world houses so everyone would be safe.

--Jayson Hernandez, 7

I would give it a tree! I want to because I want to help the environment.

--Dylan Green, 7

I give mom "Lilo and Stitch 2" because mom is my world, and my mom gives Cinderella outfits. Because I love mom.

--Jordynn Mallard, 7

I will give my friends how many stuff I can buy for my friends.

--Tanner B., 7

I want to recycle because the Indians did. It keeps the world clean.

--Alexander Wolverten, 7

I would give the world more trees because people have been cutting down trees and they've been making houses and they've been making boats. That's why I wrote this story.

--Emily Hyde, 8

I would give the world an iPad because it is so expensive. I would buy it for them.

--Kaylee Small, 7

I will give kids a present and people what they want.

--DeAndre Taylor, 7

I would give the world food, water, peace and candy because it will make people feel better.

--Neelee Gaurang Dave, 8

I would give the world $1,000. I would do that because all of the poor people with no money would have $1,000.

--Brandon Sultan, 8

If I could give the world a present this holiday, it would be more houses so that more people can live in more homes.

--Damien Luc, 6

It would be a tree because we humans need trees to survive on the Earth!

--Richard Sangree, 7

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