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Tragedy gives president chance to set new course

December 31, 2012 12:11 am

The tragedy of the mass murder of young children at their elementary school in Connecticut has brought shock and sorrow to every person in the nation.

Questions--why? how? could it have been prevented?--have been discussed unceasingly by radio and television pundits. They go around in circles talking about gun control and mental-health treatment.

We are weary of such discussion. They simply talk about the symptoms of the huge problem and never address the cause. We are overexposed to pooled ignorance.

Our nation has seen death and carnage in schools and other places where people gather. We are a very violent people as evidenced by what we enjoy as entertainment in movies and video games. There is a giant problem within our culture. I believe the problem is the loss of the knowledge of our nation's heritage and belief that we are the creations of God and we receive our right to liberty from him, not from our government.

We are on the verge of national disaster concerning our finances and military strength, and our leaders are doing nothing to help the situation. President Obama needs to seize this moment to compromise with Congress and avoid national disaster. He can turn the page to new honest civility by making the tragedy at Connecticut a historical mark of renewal of our moral roots as stated in our Declaration of Independence and our incomparable Constitution.

What better way to memorialize these precious children than to bring our nation back from disaster and mark a path for freedom?

The left-wing extremists with their lies and character assassination before and during recent political campaigns have helped to create the current climate of fear, anger, and frustration. In such an atmosphere, the people who are on the verge of violence find themselves committing unspeakable crimes.

I call upon President Obama to forget pious political platitudes and stop dividing our nation. Mr. President, the opportunity is yours. We the people await your leadership toward peaceful, respectful, public discourse.

Paige A. Young


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