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Bringing warm wishes for the new year

Date published: 12/31/2012

By Edie Gross

We asked students at Conway Elementary in Stafford and R.E. Lee Elementary in Spotsylvania, "If you could give the world any present this holiday, what would it be and why?"

To celebrate New Year's Eve, here's the last batch of their answers.

--Edie Gross

If I could give the world a present, it would be peace, love, caring and being smart because it will make the world a better place to live because being smart, loving, caring and peace are the most important thing in the world.

--Carys Ochillmensah, 8

It would be a beautiful park with only benches and green grass. I would put a flower garden in it because it would look extra beautiful.

--Emily Seelinger, 8

A car because some people don't have cars and they have to walk.

--Christian Johnson, 7

I would give the world plants. Why? So the world will be a better place and because it would make it pretty, and the trees will make air.

--Deven King, 8

I will give the whole world a motorcycle because they like me and I like them. It will be a lot of work.

--Jordan G., 6

It would be a Santa hat. Lots of people wear Santa hats on this holiday.

--Sarah A., 7

I would give them a flying car. If they lost tires, they could still go to places.

--Jacob G., 6

I would give the Earth a robot. It can do our chores for us, and it can play with us when my dad and mom are gone.

--Adam R., 6

I would give the world cats. Cats are snuggly. They are playful. They are cute. They eat fish.

--Kylee R., 7

I would give the world George Washington because people might want to see George Washington.

--Julia M., 7

I would give the world a river cleaner because if it is dirty, it can kill fish. And if you want fish, you can't get it.

--Jack Baumgartner, 8

I would give the world shelter because they don't have shelter.

--Tyle Walls, 7

I would give the world shoes because Mexico, Egypt and Africa, they don't have shoes.

--Kristen S., 7

I would give the world safety houses. I would do this because I want to save the world, and I want to have safety houses.

--Adriyana Rodgers, 8

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