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Watch out: Our liberties are being eroded

Date published: 1/1/2013

Watch out: Our liberties are being eroded

An important anniversary occurred on Dec. 15: the 221st anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, many liberties recognized in the Bill of Rights are at risk due to the "War on Terrorism."

Many actions taken during the past decade by the Bush and Obama administrations (along with congressional legislation) have greatly expanded government power at the expense of individual rights. For example, sections of the National Defense Authorization Act raise serious concerns whether our due process rights (including habeas corpus) have been weakened.

A cursory glance at the past century yields a depressingly long list of examples of expansion of government power in response to threats real and perceived. Such expansions are accompanied by substantial diminution of our liberties. Many "temporary" measures that curtail rights have remained in place long after the passing of the "emergencies" used to justify those measures.

Those of us who hold the Libertarian vision of individual liberty and personal responsibility must work vigorously to ensure that government actions taken in the name of protecting our security do not destroy our liberty.

Jim Lark