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Wounded vet pranked a Hollywood leading man page 2
Here's a look at the lighter side of a story about an impressive Army captain

 Alvin Shell's sense of humor is intact after war injuries including burns over more than one-third of his body.
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Date published: 1/4/2013

By Cathy Dyson


Anyway, Shell's wife, Danielle, was enjoying the visit with the famous actor--about two feet away from him.

As Shell watched from the sidelines, because he and his morphine were in no mood for company, he hatched a wicked plan. He called over his sons, who were 9 and 6 at the time, and asked if they knew who Washington was.

When they said no, he whispered something in each boy's ear.

The first one went over to Washington and said he knew exactly who he was--the star of the movie, "Blade."

Washington gave his trademark smile and said, "No, son, that was Wesley Snipes."

The other brother trotted over and gave the same spiel, except he said Washington was the star of "Driving Miss Daisy."

Again, the actor smiled and said, "No, that was Morgan Freeman."

And so it went, as Shell's boys proceeded to name movies that featured every African-American actor under the stars, except the one standing in front of them.

The charade continued until Shell's wife caught on and told her husband to stop embarrassing her in front of Washington.

I'm betting Washington caught on, too, and went along with it, even if the whole act did make him seethe, just a little, behind that beautiful Hollywood smile of his.

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