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K.G. board selects leaders for 2013
King George Supervisor John LoBuglio named board vice chairman as his former opponent James Howard says he'll seek re-election this fall

Date published: 1/4/2013


The King George Board of Supervisors' brief meeting on Wednesday gave three indications of what's to come in the new year--including a new person in leadership, the return of an old face in politics and ongoing friction between board members.

A supervisor who has never led meetings was selected vice chairman--but it wasn't the member people petitioned for in December.

Instead, John LoBuglio was named vice chairman, and Dale Sisson Jr. was elected chairman.

The selections were unanimous and part of the reorganization the board does each January. The positions typically rotate among members in order of tenure.

What was unusual this time was that residents presented a petition in December, signed by 64 people, asking that Ruby Brabo be named vice chairman. She joined the board a year ago, and new ideas are what "help communities prosper," resident Sylvia Hudson said as she read the petition.

In nominating LoBuglio, Supervisor Cedell Brooks Jr. said he "is the first member in line." LoBuglio has served three years and has not been in a leadership position.

Brooks said he was concerned about the health of LoBuglio, who has suffered from extreme back and neck problems and has had several surgeries. LoBuglio assured Brooks his condition was under control--and that he wanted to be vice chair.

Among those in the audience Wednesday night was James Howard, whom LoBuglio defeated by a small margin in a three-way race in 2009. Howard had served 13 years on the Board of Supervisors and four on the School Board when he lost to LoBuglio by 88 votes.

Howard hadn't attended a supervisors meeting since December 2009, but suggested a few months ago that he was considering trying to win back the James Monroe District seat on the board.

Howard told The Free Lance-Star on Thursday that he will run for re-election in November.

" I just felt like I wanted to get back in it," Howard said. "I think it's a public-service-type job."

Howard was greeted Wednesday night by supervisors, county employees and members of the public.

"I know all those folks," Howard said Thursday. "I've been around a long time."

The third indication of things to come this year is that friction between Brabo and Supervisor Joe Grzeika didn't go out with 2012.

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