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The country is going to hell in a handbasket

Date published: 1/6/2013

The country is going to hell in a handbasket

Elections have consequences. When there is a legislative branch that has relinquished its constitutional power to the executive branch; a president who chooses which laws to enforce and legislates by executive fiat; government agencies like EPA burdening us with more intrusive regulations; a judicial branch that no longer dispenses justice, but decides cases based on which president appointed them; when our right to vote is corrupted because of fraud (rampant in liberal, bankrupt, entitlement-mentality strongholds); a federal government that usurps more powers that rightfully belong to the states by "legally" extorting money from them by attaching strings to every dollar they receive; when the people demand and depend on social programs to support themselves with no requirement to work or accept individual responsibility; when immoral choices are accepted as the norm; when evil is called good and good evil; when a defunct media transform from free press to state-run propaganda machine: The natural consequence is a country headed into oblivion.

Outside forces won't destroy us. Voting for candidates who supply the "bread and circus" frills the public demands will destroy us.

Our elected officials are part of a corrupt political system--not selected because they will help this country but because they will provide more "freebies" funded by others to perpetuate their re-election and pad their bank accounts. If you think not, look at the last election. Those who voted for these people after four years of corruption, strong-arm tactics, and the rewarding of political allies with taxpayer dollars chose to willfully believe lies and now demand the benefits they feel entitled to because of their vote. Hang on to your hat because the end of this roller-coaster ride will have a wild finish: It won't be pretty.

Charles Davis