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Charities swamp us with donation requests

January 6, 2013 12:10 am

Charities swamp us with donation requests

Donnie Johnston's article "Solicitors target the elderly" [Dec. 28] hits the nail on the head. Between the first of November to Dec. 28, I kept track of every solicitation for charities. During the past two months I have received requests for money from 28 different charities. From some, I've received multiple requests.

Over the years I have at one time or another given to many of these charities. From them I received: notepads, address labels, calendars, cards, nickels, dimes, return envelopes with postage paid, pens, etc.

I have enough address labels to last at least two lifetimes and so many calendars for next year that I am giving them away.

To receive this many requests for funds before Christmas when trying to buy gifts for 15 grandchildren (some of whom need money as much as these charities) as well as for other family members is just too much. I guess they really believe money does grow on trees.

William Morgan


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