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First Baby: What a wonderful story!

Date published: 1/6/2013

First Baby: What a wonderful story!

I just wanted to write in response to the article on the first New Year's baby born at Stafford Hospital, little Giselle ["New Year's baby 'heavenly,'" Jan. 2]. What an uplifting piece written by Amy Flowers Umble!

God bless the beautiful Navarro family. The children are precious and their love of for this beautiful baby brought tears to my eyes. I loved their "tiny" description of their baby sister.

I had four little ones in fewer than six years and I'm not going to say it was easy, but will say it was definitely worth it. My adult children are very close today. This story is a gift to all the readers of the FLS and especially during this wonderful season of Christmas!

Catherine McKenna

Locust Grove