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Here's to you, Bill Unger, and all hobby boys page 3
Marc Munroe Dion's op-ed column: For Bill Unger and the Hobby Boys

Date published: 1/7/2013


And Bill and I, with no written contract, split up the profits from that book honestly, to the last inconsequential cent. Money doesn't always create character, but it always reveals character. Bill was steel true and blade straight.

A little hobby. Just a little hobby. Just a small collection. Just a few smiling, quiet hours with some unimportant objects you treasure.

It's not much, that little, happy space between the demands of the boss and the paying of the mortgage, that place where you play with the toys you've chosen as an adult.

But you can go there when you have a little time. You can organize your collection of perfume bottles or Depression glass; you can play with your model trains.

I used to go there with Bill Unger, and I will miss him in those quiet moments of play.

Marc Munroe Dion is a columnist for Creators Syndicate.

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