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Two 'shining stars' lifted my spirits

January 8, 2013 12:10 am

Two 'shining stars' lifted my spirits

It was my pleasure to come in contact with two honest people at the Mary Washington Hospital Emergency Room. After spending Sunday evening in the ER with my husband and all day in his hospital room, my daughter called to say that her husband had injured his hand and was at the hospital as well. I left my husband's bedside and hurried downstairs to be with my son-in-law.

After waiting a while, we were shown to an exam room; it was at this time that I noticed that a bracelet I always wear was not on my wrist. I had no idea where I might have lost it as I had been in so many different places over the past days.

My son-in-law said I should check to see if anyone had turned it in, but I told him that I did not think that would happen because it was gold with diamonds. I was hoping that maybe it had fallen off in my car, at home, or in my husband's hospital room. About this time my daughter came into the room and said someone had turned in a bracelet to the security guard. To my great delight, the bracelet was mine.

I asked who had turned it in and I was pointed to an elderly couple sitting in the same two seats that my son-in-law and I had occupied earlier. I went over and thanked them.

What a pleasure it was to meet such good, honest people. Due to the circumstances of being in an ER, I did not get their names, but I hope they see this and recognize themselves. They certainly brightened what had been two very stressful days. I pray that whatever brought them to the ER was resolved quickly and wish that these two "shining stars" had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Judy Turner


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