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Armed teachers might have deterred killer

Date published: 1/8/2013

Armed teachers might have deterred killer

I have to take issue with the "What Now?" section of your "Guns after Newtown" editorial [Dec. 18]. It seems every time there is a shooting, liberals want to take guns away from the people who didn't do it.

The answer is to get serious about protecting our children and ourselves. Stop providing murderers with helpless victims. It is wrong to put defenseless children in feel-good "gun-free" zones where bullying lunatics have their way while enjoying the comfortable assurance no one can fight back. It is significant that so many murders occur in schools, theaters, or malls declared gun-free zones.

One dear teacher who died in Newtown had only her body and her life to throw in front of the attacker. She was disarmed and defenseless because her government wouldn't allow anyone to put up a defense.

Yet she, and many others, might be alive today if she or anyone else in the school had been carrying a firearm. Would that cowardly murderer have even tried if he knew there would be armed opposition? Probably not, and that proves once again that guns save lives.

Craig Buck