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Reeves seeks better coordination with military page 2
Reeves seeks to curb encroachment

Date published: 1/13/2013


Stimpson said she thinks Reeves' bill has a good goal, but that it essentially asks localities to do something they already do.

"We've communicated on our comprehensive plan, we asked Quantico for their feedback when we were doing our comprehensive plan and when we have any changes that border Quantico," Stimpson said. "It's something that localities are already doing, and this is just an example of a growth in government that's not necessary. Of course I want to preserve the mission of Quantico and I assume all local legislators want to preserve the mission of the base that's housed within the community."

She said officials in King George and Caroline counties are also active in talking with leaders at Fort A.P. Hill.

She said she thinks the legislation is redundant and adds an unnecessary mandate to local governments.

"With over 60 percent of the state budget going to localities, it is very important for the General Assembly to understand the impacts of their legislation," Stimpson said. "Whenever we think government can 'fix' a problem, we often find there are added costs and layers that make the problem worse."

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