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C'mon, businesses! Spotsy High needs help

January 15, 2013 12:10 am

C'mon, businesses! Spotsy High needs help

Every year, and for each sport, students are asked to go out and get support for their team sport in the form of monetary donations.

Spotsylvania High is in a tough location, and many businesses would rather support a school closer to them. Businesses, please don't discount Spotsy High. The school may be "way out there" but both students and parents frequent businesses in town and would love to have places that support their children. Donations can be to a particular sport or to the athletic department. It can be as small as a business-card-size ad or enough to buy new uniforms or equipment.

Athletes for every sport are asked to go to area businesses and ask for support. It is a tough task for a child to undertake. If you are a local business, please consider Spotsylvania High as a worthy cause.

Victoria Reifenberg


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