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Fair and balanced: No, not Fox, but the FLS!

Date published: 1/15/2013

By Karen Owen

Fair and balanced: No, not Fox, but the FLS!

From an early age, I have enjoyed reading newspapers, particularly those that present both conservative and liberal viewpoints. In traveling across the U.S., one unfortunately becomes aware of the decline of newspapers that provide such balance.

The Free Lance-Star is truly an exception to this trend. Ed Jones, editor; Paul Akers, opinion editor; Karen Owen, Viewpoints editor, and many others, should be congratulated on their balanced approach.

For example, the FLS editorial board made some judicious endorsements regarding the recent elections. They were 100 percent accurate with the presidential, senatorial, and congressional races. Although I didn't agree with all endorsements, the supporting information did indeed warrant these decisions.

The election endorsements and commentaries on many major issues have created a dialogue, reflected in part by letters to the editor, between the FLS and its many readers.

Undoubtedly, there are some readers who disagree with various editorial opinions, but the FLS is to be commended in presenting credible alternate views. I believe in most cases this has led to a more informed readership and more civil discourse.

In particular, I would like to thank Karen Owen on her prompt response to Viewpoints submissions and her constructive suggestions that are helpful in producing a finished product.

The Fredericksburg region should be proud of the FLS and its individual and collective efforts to present the best in investigative reporting and distribution of the news. Its numerous annual awards by their peers confirm the excellence of the staff and the contributions to the welfare of the community.

Bernard Mahoney