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Violent video games don't inspire massacres

January 16, 2013 12:10 am

Violent video games don't inspire massacres

People who believe that violent video games, movies, and TV are responsible for the mass murders we have seen recently are using illogical thinking. Illogical thinking is drawing conclusions without having the proper data, or using misinformed data.

To say that since some or all of the people who committed mass murder played violent video games and/or watched violent movies and TV programs is to ignore the fact that 99.9 percent of the people who played those games or watched those movies and TV programs did not commit mass murders.

How do you explain that? The people who commit these acts do so because they are mentally unbalanced; it has nothing to do with video games, movies, or TV.

If what these illogical thinkers espouse were really true, there would be so many mass murders occurring that I would not be around to write this, and there would be no one around to read it.

Millions of people own guns and watch violent movies and play violent video games, and they have no intentions whatsoever of committing any crime, much less mass murder.

The problem is people who are psychotic; there has always been a small segment of society who has this problem. We need to find and treat those people and keep an eye on them instead of letting them fall through the cracks.

Tom Chasen


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