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Teach this president his constitutional role

Date published: 1/17/2013

Teach this president his constitutional role

Any time we go out to dinner, go to a store, speak with someone on the phone, or talk face to face with someone, I ask the same question: "Are you concerned about the direction our country is heading?"

The universal answer is "yes," and then we talk. I have not found one person who thinks we are heading in the right direction. Most have come to the conclusion that we have a president who essentially wants to destroy this nation: President Obama thinks that the U.S. is the problem in the world and he is the solution.

We have out-of-control spending, it is just that simple. The speaker of the House has learned a useful lesson: Do not waste your time talking to our president.

It is time to educate our president on the Constitution and how he fits into the process. The speaker should shut the government down and keep it shut down until the guy in the White House gets the message. He is not the dictator, he is just the president and only one part of government.

So shut it down. If the president writes an executive order raising everyone in government's salary, great, I sure hope he has enough in his bank account. I sure hope the House of Representatives has a good laugh and does not allocate the funds.

It is time our president understood that he, the Senate, and House must get on the same page as the people of this country and tell the truth: We cannot be everything to all people. We are not Greece, and never will be.

Walter E. Kreutzer