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It's time to retire this relic of a building page 2
Sue Gill's op-ed column on rebuilding Stafford High School.

 A new Stafford High School would address issues of overcrowding, outdated facilities, and fire code issues.
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Date published: 1/20/2013


With today's need for electricity for smart boards, data projectors, computers, speakers, and scanners, one or two nonfunctioning outlets is a problem. Why haven't they been fixed? What about computers? My students use a Computers On Wheels cart all day, but when we use them after school, the battery needs recharging. We must plug in 15 or so computers at a time: There are not enough outlets for that to happen, even with surge protectors.

We can fix that, right? No. The entire school needs more electrical lines and we don't have the money to do that. The electrical box is used up. No more lines.


What more could be wrong with the building? Try the plumbing. The school was updated with water-conserving toilets a few years ago and it resulted in massive clogging every day. Our system was too old: We needed more water to flush than the new toilets provided. New filters were put on faucets to reduce water and it takes twice as long to rinse our hands of soap. And we can dry our hands with a hand blower, but we have only one in some bathrooms and two in another.

This brings up the number of stalls. There are two girls rooms upstairs. Each has six stalls. Yes, that's right--six. With five minutes between classes, 2 girls have time to use a stall. Multiply this number by six stalls, and it means only 15 girls have time to use the restroom between classes. And multiply this by three (since there is one restroom downstairs) and a total of 45 girls may use the restroom. This is ridiculous by anyone's standards.

Everyone worries about practice fields being used as a construction site, but what if they renovate the high school while students are in attendance? (Sports practice vs. classroom disruption due to construction? Not a difficult choice.) And, what if they find asbestos?

Have you ever lived close to housing construction? Really quiet, wasn't it? I'm sure students can learn in that atmosphere. And where do students go while a wing is being renovated?

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