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It's time to retire this relic of a building page 3
Sue Gill's op-ed column on rebuilding Stafford High School.

 A new Stafford High School would address issues of overcrowding, outdated facilities, and fire code issues.
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Date published: 1/20/2013


I fail to understand why everyone is so opposed to building a new Stafford High School. I don't remember anyone raising these questions when we built Colonial Forge or Mountain View. I paid taxes to support the building of new Stafford County high schools elsewhere, but when it's someone else's turn to pay for my school, we can't afford it.

According to Supervisor Paul Milde, if we use our financial reserves to rebuild Stafford High School, how will the county build the sixth high school it needs? A sixth high school? Since when are the students at Stafford High of less value than those in the rest of the county? Surely we deserve as nice a building--one that will contribute to their education--as the Mountain View students.

If you don't want your child to attend Stafford High School instead of Colonial Forge or Mountain View, why not? If it's good enough for Stafford students, then it should be good enough for the other students.

Stafford County has been ranked seventh for counties of our size in median income--not just in Virginia, but nationwide. If we have a lower jobless rate and a median income that is so high, why can't we afford to build Stafford High School on the Clift Farm property?

Build the new school; convert Stafford to a Tech Center, and everyone is happy. The southern end of the county gets equality and the quality school it deserves.

Sue Gill teaches English and journalism at Stafford High School. She resides in the county.

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