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Date published: 1/20/2013


Battlefield Elementary

The following students were recognized for being diligent workers the second nine weeks:

Kindergarten--Jesica Hernandez, Lucas Ogden, Siobhan DeGeorge, Caleb Bailey, Katlin Watkins, Sean Barnes, Victoria Dominguez, Eliana O'Neill

First grade--Abigail Duncan, Will Tharp, Charles Brown, Jhovani Osorio Martinez, Rebecca Bolick, Joseph Smorto, Mina Lennier

Second grade--Steven Gomez, Heidy Membreno Ventura, Landon Wireman, Trever Reinhart, Nathan Riggs, Timothy Burgess, Aaliyah Harris, Chloe Rose.

Fifth-grader Alyssa Adkins is the Math Problem Solver of the Week.

Steve Sommers presented a program called "DARE To Dream." It is an inspirational show that challenges kids to read books while also encouraging them to live their dreams.

--Sandra Decatur

Robert E. Lee Elementary

Students of the week are Audrey Rodgers, Michael Wyman, Jade Gilbert, Trevor Powers, Conner Morris and Gavin Pendergast.

--Linda Wersching

Battlefield Middle

Students who auditioned for and were selected to participate in All-District Band include:

Symphonic Band

Rachel Peugh, 10th chair trumpet

Andrew Ringle, sixth chair trombone

Ariana Waldron, 23rd chair clarinet

Courtney Wolfgang, fifth chair flute.

Concert Band

Camryn Allred, 21st chair clarinet

Paige Martin, seventh chair flute

Malinda Nagel, third chair bass clarinet

Tim Quann, seventh chair trumpet

Rachel Talmadge, seventh chair clarinet

Kaelyn Knot, first alternate clarinet.

--Vicki Ullrich

Ni River Middle

Ni River students will be performing "Willy Wonka, Jr." on Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. and Feb. 1 at 4 and 7 p.m. Cast members include Alec Dolieslager, Nakila Mulagha, Emma Hebertson, Carolyn Shortess, Zachary Short, Nina Maliszewski, Jake Hainsey, Taylor Johns, Emma Swanson, Jeremiah Lee, Megan Scianna, Xavier Gonzalez, Shannon Zickert, Tommy Garner, Emma Lozada, Gabriel Washington, Abby Brown, Viany Ortiz, Brandon Perdue, Madision Calicchia, Makayla Downing, Keegan Fredrick, Amy George, Chloe Hoelscher, James Lastes, Karli McGuire, Marianna Martin, Jillian Smith, Sarah Young, Madison Elliott, Ryan Bastianelli, Jeanae Campbell, Hailey Fitzgerald, Ann Hall, Meg Ilijevich and Emily Webster. Tickets are available in advance. Adults are $8, and students are $5. Tickets at the door are $10.

--Barbara McWhirt