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United, we stand?

Date published: 1/21/2013

United, we stand?

I am now living with seven decades of life experience and I have great concern for our country and for its future. Are we one country united or a country severely divided?

Of course, total unity can never be achieved. But differences and discourse can play positive roles in achieving higher standards. The federal government serves us best when there is honest and sincere debate. The desired result should always be to benefit the country, not make the other party look bad for political gain.

When dislike for the opposition party is greater than love for country, it places our democracy in jeopardy. Is it unrealistic to expect our government to set standards for the people it serves? Is it too much to expect government officials to embrace accountability, responsibility, and respect?

We must be mindful that the electorate is responsible for the people we place in office. It is our responsibility to be aware of the consequences of our vote.

There is little doubt that our country is being transformed. With 47 percent of our people dependent on government, transformations will continue and the 47 percent will increase. As the percentage increases it lessens our individual freedom and liberty. When voting, it is your choice: Choose well.

A.L. Roe