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January 21, 2013 12:10 am

The following pets are among those available for adoption at Fredericksburg-area animal shelters:



Bruno, hound mix, neutered male, 7 years old, good companion

Cricket, tabby cat, spayed female, 2 years old, playful

Fuzzy, Great Dane-boxer, 6 years old, neutered male, special needs

Maggie, pit bull mix, spayed female, 3 years old, special needs

Meg, shepherd-hound, spayed female, 3 years old, energetic

Muse, gray cat, spayed female, 3 years old, gorgeous

Mya, spaniel mix, spayed female, 2 years old, sweet girl

Paisley, orange tabby cat, spayed female, 4 years old, sweet but shy

Penguin, black cat, neutered male, 3 years old, free spirit.

(Open house first Saturday of each month at PetSmart, Central Park; second Saturday at Petco, Plank Road; third Saturday at PetSmart, South Gateway Drive; and fourth Saturday at Petco, Worth Avenue, Stafford.)



Blue, pit bull, neutered, 2 years old, loving and obedient

Riley, German shepherd, 5 years old, neutered male, loves fetch

Brandy, 3 years old, spayed female, Plott hound, athletic and full of energy

Sugar, 3 years old, spayed female domestic shorthair, loves belly rubs

Rex, 2 years old, neutered male domestic shorthair, handsome boy, very sociable

Hootie, 2 years old, neutered male domestic shorthair, has a unique meow

LJ, 18 months old, neutered male bloodhound mix, loves to play outside with other dogs, does well with children and cats

Emmy, 2 years old, spayed female domestic shorthair, loves to sit in a window and sunbathe

Ninja, 4 years old, neutered male domestic shorthair, beautiful coat and well-behaved



Boxer mix, male, white with tan spots, blue eyes

Hound, male, red and white with black highlights

Shih Tzu, male, white and grey

Beagle, male, tricolor

Beagle, male, tricolor

Labrador mix, neutered male, black

Shepherd mix, neutered male, black and brown

Rottweiler mix, male, black and tan

Husky, male, white with blue eyes

Labrador mix, female, tan with brown and white muzzle

Cats and kittens also available.



Tommy, Labrador mix, 3 years old, male, black and white, handsome

Yellow Labrador-shepherd, adult male, tan and black, playful

Labrador mix, adult male, black and white, loves attention

Husky-pointer, adult female, chocolate and white, gorgeous

Pit bull mix, adult female, white, energetic, sweet

Boxer mix, female, less than 1 year old, very sweet

Hound mix, adult female, tricolor, loves attention

Labrador, yellow, young adult, loves attention

Cats, longhairs, shorthairs, tabbies and calicos available



Hobo, shorthair cat, young, neutered, black

Silly, medium-coat cat, adult male, neutered, black and white

Mew Mew, medium-coat cat, adult spayed female, orange tabby

Marvin, hound, neutered, 5 years old, tan/black/white

Gloria, American Staffordshire terrier, spayed, 4 years old, tan/white

Brodie, Briard mix, 9 years old, neutered, blue-gray

Asheville, beagle, 5 years old, neutered, brown, black and white

Daphne, pit bull terrier, 2 years old, spayed, black and white

Twister, foxhound, neutered male, senior, brown, black and white

Baby, shorthair kitten, spayed female, gray tabby

Soap, hound mix, neutered male, 2 years old, orange and white

Trinity, pit bull terrier mix, 10 years old, silver brindle, well mannered

Jayke, Australian cattle dog, neutered male, adult, tan and white

Marvin, hound, neutered male, 5 years old, tan, black and white

Lucy Ann, small pit bull terrier, spayed female, 10 years old, brown



Buni, 1 year old, female Siberian husky, black and white, a hugger

McPadden, Siberian husky, male, 2 years old, red/white, goofy

Milan, 2 years old, female Siberian husky, black and white, contralto

Srini, 4 years old, female Siberian husky, wooly, black and white, snuggler

Shellie, Siberian husky, 2 years old, female, black and white, sweet

Simone, 10 months old, female domestic longhair, brown tabby, inquisitive

Judy, 11 months old, female domestic shorthair, calico, gymnast

Debra, 1 year old female domestic shorthair, tortoiseshell, confident

Dowdy, 1 year old, domestic shorthair, black tabby, brainiac

Molly, 8 years old, female, domestic shorthair, gray and white, cuddler

(Pet Harbor Rescue and Referral is a Siberian husky and cat rescue. Adoption events are held at Massaponax PetSmart.)

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