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Date published: 1/21/2013


The Marching Black-Hawks performed before a crowd of about 50,000 fans at the Russell Athletics Bowl Game on Dec. 28, in Florida. The band members played with others from schools in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois and North Carolina, creating a marching band with about 600 musicians and more than 300 dancers and cheerleaders. A video of their performance can be found at youtube.com/watch?v=_vOb 2GzwlLs.

After auditioning, a number of Brooke Point musicians were selected to play in the the All-County and All-District bands. All-County Band members were: Jessica Fillis, third chair flute; Summer Mensah, fourth chair flute; Julia Kroeger, 11th chair flute; Toni Clement, 13th chair clarinet; Stephen Winham, 14th chair clarinet; Chris Ware, 20th chair clarinet; Danielle Dias, 21st chair clarinet; Allison Moran, 24th chair clarinet; Jimi Hendrick, first chair bari sax; Valerie Perham, fifth chair French horn; Anthony Biscardo, fourth chair trumpet; Calvin Mann, seventh chair trumpet; Kat Kameda-Ramsey, fifth chair percussion; first alternates: William Hornick, alto sax and Kathy Abdallah, bari sax.

Playing in the All-District Band on Feb. 1-2 at Massaponax High School will be: Summer Mensah, fourth chair flute, symphonic band (eligible for all-state audition); Jessica Fillis, fifth chair flute, symphonic band; Nikki Tushoski, eighth chair flute, symphonic band; Julia Kroeger, fifth chair flute, concert band; Stephen Winham, third chair clarinet, concert band; Toni Clement, 13th chair clarinet, concert band; Allison Moran, 24th chair clarinet, 16th chair clarinet, concert band; William Hornick, fourth chair alto sax, symphonic band; Jimi Hendrick, first chair bari-sax, symphonic band (eligible for all-state audition);

Valerie Perham, second chair French horn, symphonic band (elligible for all-state audition); Andrew Lewis, ninth chair trumpet, symphonic band; Anthony Biscardo, 10th chair trumpet, symphonic band; Calvin Mann, 17th chair trumpet, symphonic band; Zach Phillips, fifth chair baritone, concert band. First alternates are: Rebecca Cammuse, piccolo; Darien LaPorta, tenor sax; Kathy Abdallah, bari sax and Tyler Grimsley, French horn.

Student Natalie Morgan has organized a group to participate in the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics on Feb. 2 in Virginia Beach. Students planning on taking the icy dip include Morgan, Owen Clemens, Mimi Clemens, Steven Worcester, Brenden Delgado, Jacob Phillips, Madison Davis, Zach Barger, Bethany West, Sophie Obert, Donyae Johnson, Jackie Heins, Justin Stewart, Megan Weitekamp, Morgan Frazier, Sydney Andrews, Valine Fisher and Alex Miller. People can support these students by donating online at firstgiving.com/process/tea marea/default.asp?did= 0&teamid=212469.

Brooke Point's teacher of the year is drama teacher Lisa Cover-Tucci; service employee of the year is assistant bookkeeper Julie Cooper; and first class first-year teacher of the year is counselor Courtney Portell.

The girls varsity basketball team will hold its annual "Think Pink" game Jan. 25 against Colonial Forge. The game promotes breast cancer awareness, and survivors will be honored after the game. The game starts at 6 p.m. Tickets are $6. Those under age 6 or over 55 are admitted free.

--Laura Hutchison

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