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Delightful reads are vying for mock Dr. Seuss prize page 2
Local librarian shares timely tips

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Date published: 1/21/2013


Penny starts to sing to herself, but she wants someone to listen. She tries singing to her glass animals, but it isn't the same. Finally, it's dinnertime so she tries again. This time, Mama reminds her there is no singing at the table. After dinner, it is finally show time and she sings the whole song. Everyone enjoys it so much, they join in and "even the babies sang in their own baby way."

"Let's Go for a Drive" by Mo Willems is a safe bet, since he's already received two Geisel honors and has won the award twice. His delightful, recurring characters, Elephant and Piggie, are at it again, this time deciding to drive. They gather all of the necessary paraphernalia--maps, sunglasses, umbrellas and bags to put it all in. However, in their enthusiasm they forget one small detail. They don't have a car! Ever the optimist, Piggie comes up with a new and even better plan, playing pirate.

Staff will also present the books "Step Gently Out" by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder and "Monkey and Elephant" by Carole Lexa Schaefer. The American Library Association will announce its Geisel winners, among others, on Monday, Jan. 28, at 11 a.m.

Rebecca Purdy is coordinator of children's services for Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Phone her at 540/372-1160 or Email her at
Email: rpurdy@crrl.org.

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