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Voter fraud in Virginia is hardly outlandish
Voter fraud in Virginia is hardly outlandish

Date published: 1/22/2013

Voter fraud in Virginia is hardly outlandish

Don Quixote will address the attendant wind and bluster emanating from the windmill by meeting Ron Apter's challenge to "produce a single case of proven voter-ID fraud in Virginia" ["Why tilt at voter-fraud windmill, Del. Cole?" Jan. 9].

To prove a point, on primary election day last year, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas walked into Attorney General Eric Holder's voting precinct. The precinct worker was willing to allow him to vote based simply on his assertion that he was "Eric Holder." (O'Keefe could also have named anyone deceased in 2012.)

We do all we can to prevent voter fraud, but fraudulent representation is hard to spot. Last October, Patrick Moran, son of U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), was caught tutoring an (undercover) field worker on illegal use of utility bills and other documents to evade voter laws.

I invite Ron Apter to volunteer as a poll worker so that he might experience firsthand if voter IDs will or won't "make voting more complicated and more difficult, if not more honest." It's an open invitation, but, sorry, we'll need a valid photo ID.

Alan Branfman


Alan Branfman is electoral board vice chairman in Spotsylvania County.