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Medical devices' cost rises under Obamacare

Date published: 1/22/2013

Medical devices' cost rises under Obamacare

President Obama has determined that health care in the country is just too expensive. To remedy this perceived problem, the president, with the assistance of Congress, has implemented a medical devices excise tax. This will directly raise the price of such devices by 2.3 percent.

Of course, the increase in price will have to be more than 2.3 percent to pay manufacturers' compliance costs as well as increased costs of government bureaucrats in the IRS and other agencies who will have to ensure there is no cheating, accidental or otherwise.

Net result: higher costs for medical care and less money for other needs like education, or even personal discretionary spending.

If this is the level of wisdom of the officials that American voters continue to elect to manage their governments, the future does not look bright.

Stew Engel