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Public speaks on A. P. Hill study page 2
Residents weigh in on Fort A.P. Hill joint land use study

Date published: 1/24/2013


The joint land-use study has been in the works since 2006, and is the first comprehensive effort of its kind for Fort A.P. Hill.

Encompassing more than 76,000 acres in Caroline and Essex counties, the Army facility was a rural outpost when it was founded in 1941. But that has changed as development encroached on one of the Army's most important training venues along the East Coast.

Since 2006, the fort has been securing conservation easements along its boundaries under the Army's Compatible Use Buffer Program. The program creates buffers by paying nearby landowners not to develop their property.

Sweigart noted that Spotsylvania is expected to continue robust growth over the next two decades, while it growth will be more modest in the other jurisdictions surrounding A.P. Hill.

The towns of Bowling Green and Port Royal, along with Caroline, Essex, King George and Spotsylvania counties, are working with the Army on the study.

Richard Dorrier, also with AECOM, said, "What we're aiming for is a footprint for future coordination and cooperation" between the post and its neighbors.

That includes things such as land-use planning, noise-abatement, land conservation strategies, operational changes at A.P. Hill, and public-private partnerships that benefit the Army and community.

Participants in Tuesday's meeting were given an information packet, along with comment cards.

More public meetings will be scheduled, with a draft plan expected by June and a final report by August. The localities will then decide what recommendations to accept.

"The key element is to talk to each other freely about what's going on on the installation, and what plans are in the works in the community, and to make those things sync up correctly," said Lt. Col. Peter Dargle, the post commander.

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The comment form is available on the web at: visitcaroline.com/fortaphilljlus.html. Download the form and email it to: fortaphilljlus@aecom.com

Comments pertaining to the meetings will be accepted until Feb. 22. However, other comments on the study can be sent to: fortaphilljlus@aecom.com at anytime.