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Bill backing school-bus ads dies

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Date published: 1/25/2013



--You won't be seeing ads on school buses, at least not for another year.

Sen. Bryce Reeves, R-Spotsylvania, on Thursday struck his bill that would have let school divisions sell advertising space on school buses and other school property.

Reeves had proposed the bill as a way to let schools raise money. He thought it was a particularly good alternative to school sports fees; Reeves said he's received several complaints from Spotsylvania parents about sports fees there.

But there seems to have been little appetite for his bill in the General Assembly. Knowing the objections and the long list of legislation yet to be handled in the Senate Education and Health Committee, Reeves said, he asked to strike the bill from the docket for this year.

He plans to bring the bill back next year.

The committee did pass, unanimously, a Reeves bill that would require the Board of Medicine to revoke a doctor's license to practice if he has engaged in sexual contact with a patient.

Currently the board suspends such doctors' licenses for three years.

Reeves said the bill was inspired by the case of a Prince William police detective who was a victim of sexual assault by her doctor.

Reeves said he thinks in such cases, a three-year license suspension isn't enough--doctors should have their licenses revoked and have to make a case to the board why they should get that license back after five years.

That bill will likely be passed by the Senate in a few days, and sent on to the House.

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