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Study looking at possible solutions for rail bottleneck into D.C.

 Joggers on Mount Vernon Trail pass under Long Bridge, on the Virginia side of the Potomac River, on Jan. 17.
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Date published: 1/27/2013


Adding a third track from Arkendale in North Stafford to Powell's Creek in Prince William County also is part of the state plan. But that project remains up in the air at this point.

Roeber said all who use the railroad lines are involved in the study, which he considers an important factor in planning for rail's future in Virginia.

"The vision of it happening is now taking root," he said. "Everybody has an interest."

Any improvements to the Long Bridge will be expensive.

Roeber pointed out the 2007 expansion of the Quantico Creek bridge from one to two tracks. Adding a second set of tracks to the 1,768-foot bridge cost $26 million.

The Long Bridge, which spans 2,500 feet, could be expanded to three or four tracks, he said.

There are two more scheduled public meetings on the study. Dates have not yet been set.

The study's findings are expected to be released this summer.


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