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How was this man free in the first place?

Date published: 1/28/2013

How was this man free in the first place?

The story about the King George sex offender ["Sex offender, 31, arrested in K.G.," Jan. 12] is a classic example of the complete breakdown in Virginia's law and order.

The perpetrator has an extensive criminal history dating back 12 years and possibly more tucked away in juvenile offenses. Justin Leroy Peyton had been arrested for attempted murder in the first degree for shooting a woman in the back ["King George man arrested in shooting," April 12, 2000]--real manly.

The Maryland sentencing laws should have had this person locked up for at least 20 years, but no, he gets out, has time to rack up a sex offender charge--which must have drawn at least some prison time.

So Peyton is released and and is now charged with indecent exposure and indecent liberties. The correctional system taught this fool nothing. But if potential victims make judges feel the heat, perhaps they will see the light and stop turning these beasts loose to terrorize the community.

Peyton is nothing more than a career criminal who scoffs at the system. He is utterly unworthy of freedom and catch-and-release court leniency. He must be locked up for good, or else be put to death. And King George should check to make sure he's not on the voter rolls.

Steve Miroy