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Date published: 1/28/2013


Margaret Brent Elementary

Jake Garner has no concept of notoriety and acts only on what moves his heart. His altruistic spirit this past year shone through when he received a $50 bill for Christmas and donated it to the Fredericksburg Food Bank. He wanted to buy food for people who didn't have enough to eat. For his birthday, he asked that in lieu of birthday gifts, people donate money for the children's hospital and to help his mom's cousin with medical bills for his infant son, born with a heart defect. He raised $1,600. At Thanksgiving, Jake drew pictures and held a silent auction. He raised another $200 for the food bank. During his recess, he has offered to tutor kindergartners. This second-grader is doing amazing things for such a young person.

--Leslie Martin

Ferry Farm Elementary

The school is participating in the National Geographic Competition this month.

--Sheri Sullivan

Rockhill Elementary

The following are Students of the Month for "courage": Tamia Abbott, Daniel Adeoye, Michael Adeoye, Sean Afriyie, Kyla Anderson, Adrianna Angel, Zachary Ayriss, Benjamin Baba, Payton Barb, Will Baskin, Larissa Beard, Trey Carl, Jabez Clark, Harmon Corbett, Jonathan D'Lima, Christian Davis, Daniel Delgado, Brandon Emmanuel, Hayden Fitzgerald, Thor Fitzgibbons, Landon Fulton, Ali Gilliam, Isaih Girton, Ryan Hall, Morgan Heflin, Jerian Hendricks, Anna Hladik, Ja'ron Johnson, Tori Judkins, Aiyanna King, Kobe Kirkland, Euwa-arbena Koranteng, Emily McHugh, Geoff Monaco, Tristan Muterspaw, Caleb Nichols, Rita Pavlak, Nathan Pavlisko, Dimitry Peterson, Matthew Purcell, William Reynolds, Emily Riffe, Jayley Robey, Kanaisha Rock, Michael Shelton, Amarzhae Smith, Brittney Smith, Marcus Snoke, Jacob Stanley, Dylan Stefl, Catheryn Stumpf, Logan Stumpf, Cassie Sturgill, Trevor Sussman,, Katarina Torres, Christopher Townsend, Austin Tranfa, Alexis Welch, Eric Wetterhan, Aiden Wolfrey and Charlotte Wright.

Peggy Kerestes and members of Rockhill Elementary School Compassionate Kids group collected pennies to donate to the Stafford SPCA. The group collected and donated $220 to Bill Hoyt of the Stafford SPCA.

--Pat Johnston

Rocky Run Elementary