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How low can you go?

Date published: 1/28/2013

How low can you go?

An article in The Free Lance-Star, "Redistricting Bill Stuns Democrats" [Jan. 22] caught my eye.

In an environment where people are weary of discord between parties, it was disturbing to read about how low our state Senate will sink to ensure votes for its party.

In a maneuver that surprised everyone, Senate Republicans in Virginia pushed through a bill to redraw the state Senate districts. It passed on party lines 20-19 only because the proponents of the bill knew that one Democrat was in Washington attending the inauguration.

All Americans should speak out about this kind of dishonesty, no matter which party is involved. This action, and others like it, do nothing to improve the communication in the legislature or the distrust of government held by many voters.

If either party is so lacking in ideas that they can't appeal to voters and win elections with its vision, then perhaps it has nothing to offer in government and should not be in public office at all.

I contacted my state representatives and the governor about this outrage and hope others will speak out, too.

Nancy Cronk