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Jury to weigh officer's account page 3
Jury will choose view of either witness, or accused police officer

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Date published: 1/28/2013


According to testimony, the fatal shots, one to the back of the head and another that severed Cook's spine and penetrated her heart, came from the rear as she, already wounded, was driving away.

While on the stand, Harmon-Wright told how he stepped into the street and, holding his service weapon in both hands, took careful aim at the Jeep that was "drifting" south on North East Street.

The jury may also take into consideration Hawes' statement to them during jury selection that police officers carry guns to kill people.

So, in essence, the jury will be asked to decide whether the members believe Schuyler, who testified that Harmon-Wright ran after the moving car, jumped onto the running board and fired the two initial shots through the window, or the former officer, who said his hand was trapped and that he shot to free himself.

Harmon-Wright further testified that he fired those five final shots--including the fatal bullets--to protect the public.

The answers and a verdict may come before today is over.

While Harmon-Wright's wife and two other family members sat in the gallery all week, his mother, Bethany Sullivan, has been absent.

Sullivan, who worked for the police department, is charged with falsifying documents that helped her son get hired five years ago.

Both were indicted last may by a special investigative grand jury. She is scheduled to be tried later.

Cook's brother, John Weigler, was also in court all week. He has taken over a civil suit filed against Harmon-Wright last May by Cook's husband, who died in September.

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