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Involved communities can prevent tragedies

Date published: 1/31/2013

Involved communities can prevent tragedies

Is gun control so black-and-white? The last time I checked, drugs have been illegal for decades, but I'll bet you could think of at least one person you know who uses illegal drugs and can access them. Likewise, if we start making firearms illegal, there will be money to be made on the clandestine market for their sale.

Our government has proven that it has neither the finances nor the resources to properly police such things. If anything, it will reduce the barriers of ownership for the people who clearly have no regard for the legal implications of ownership and use.

So why do these programs fail? Because laws that prohibit the user from consuming are only treating a symptom of a greater illness. We need to look inward at ourselves and the community and start asking what we can do to foster positive relationships with the forgotten, the neglected, and the sick.

How are these mentally ill individuals getting to this point, and what can we do to intervene before tragedy occurs? As members of the community, we need to do more than just have an opinion.

Michael Young