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CPR bill moves forward after emotional appeal page 2

Date published: 1/31/2013


Virginia Education Association President Meg Gruber said she was concerned the bill could put the cost of CPR training onto teachers. She was also worried about the implications for teachers who might get the training but, like Gywneth's teacher, find themselves unable to act.

"What kind of penalties would come down on the staff for somebody to look at you and say, 'You were trained, you should have [helped],'" Gruber said.

But other lawmakers said the bill was long overdue.

"I think this is an excellent idea," said Del. Mark Cole, R-Spotsylvania. It would, he said, "improve the level of safety and response not just in our schools but in society in general."

The committee voted 15-1 to pass the bill. Landes opposed it. It will now go the full House.

Stuart's version is also moving through the legislative process on the Senate side.

Both Gwyneth's parents, Jennifer and Joel Griffin, have lobbied lawmakers on the bill, and spoken at committee and subcommittee hearings.

Joel Griffin said Wednesday that lawmakers "have been very receptive to our message."

The full House will vote on Dudenhefer's bill in the next few days.

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