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Climate: The other cliff periling our grandkids

February 1, 2013 12:10 am

Climate: The other cliff periling our grandkids

Our inability to deal rationally with the federal deficit brought us to the fiscal cliff. Politicians tell us of dire effects on our grandchildren. There is another cliff equally or perhaps more dangerous to your and my grandchildren. The climate cliff confronts us.

We have sliced, choked, and wounded the Earth to the degree that our habitat, our home, may not be a welcoming place for our grandchildren.

The fiscal cliff can be dealt with by cutting spending and raising revenue. There is no possibility of raising revenue for the climate cliff, only the need to cut pollution and the reckless extraction of natural resources.

For the sake of our grandchildren and all the children of Mother Earth, become sensitive to environmental concerns and ask your public officials to become as focused on the environment as they are on the deficit.

Bob Seward


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