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'Hack' abortion foes, meet Thomas Aquinas

February 1, 2013 12:10 am

'Hack' abortion foes, meet Thomas Aquinas

In the aftermath of the massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut, The Free Lance-Star has accorded credence to the zealotry of abortion critics by publishing their views repeatedly in the letters section. For more than the mere sake of argument, they warrant rebuttal.

Fulmination and sham sympathy are of scant value without absolute recognition that, were every pregnancy to be carried to term, women would be slaves to any walking male who gets them with child. This is more morally unacceptable than the principle of the sanctity of life from conception, which is a spurious principle.

The Catholic Church, besides being steeped in every hypocrisy known under the sun, also nominally grants normative status to Thomas Aquinas in matters of systematic theology. Aquinas was reasonable enough to remark that the soul does not enter the body until the sixth week of gestation.

Now this, of course, is guesswork, but without a random line drawn in the sand, capable of being modified, there will never be an end to this wretched debate about whether women should be barefoot and pregnant or should have something resembling their own God-given lives.

People need to grasp that thinking requires more than spouting dogmatic drivel, and not seize every occasion to advance their hack primitive agenda.

Christopher Ellis


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