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Obama has led U.S. to 'dogs'; secession, anyone?

Date published: 2/1/2013

Obama has led U.S. to 'dogs'; secession, anyone?

In response to Karen Kuzdzal's Jan. 14 letter, "Impeach Obama; he's worse than Bill Clinton," she's right. There are many reasons to impeach him.

Regarding Benghazi, he and Hillary Clinton were responsible for our unprotected ambassador to Libya and three other brave men being murdered by Muslims. That happening on the anniversary of 9/11, and for anyone to believe it was a protest over an anti-Muslim video would have to be stupid. Obama and Clinton lied about that.

Obama is the most incompetent person in the White House since Jimmy Carter and has filled his Cabinet with people of the same caliber. The reason Obama got re-elected is all the people who have their hands out for all the free stuff. Then there is that big percentage of Republicans who stayed home rather than vote for a Mormon candidate.

Obama is using executive orders to shield Eric Holder, get his stupid gun laws through, though these laws that will not protect our children or anyone from the insane. What he's doing makes him look like a dictator.

I wish the states that wanted to could secede again. The way the states are forced to do things they are against, you would think Lincoln has come back. The same reason prompted the War Between the States in 1860. This country has gone to the dogs.

Alan E. Moore Jr.