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Hospital plans to reward big losers

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Date published: 2/1/2013


More than 310 people filed through the lobby of the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center Wednesday night to be photographed and weighed.

They'll return to the hospital this spring to find out if hard work and good intentions result in pounds lost.

The hospital kicked off its first "Lose Big, Win Big, Weight Loss Challenge," a community-wide push for better health.

Participants paid $5 each to enter the contest. Officials said they'll pool the money and distribute it at the end of the competition to those with the greatest percentage weight loss.

"I'm a member of Weight Watchers, and I have a gym membership already, but I just needed some added motivation," said Gloria Groover, after her weigh-in.

Groover, an office coordinator for a national counseling group, emerged from behind a privacy screen to say she hoped to lose 20 pounds during the contest and 70 pounds by the end of the year.

"My husband has started working out at the gym several times a week, and he's lost about 25 pounds. I've got a lot of catching up to do," she said.

The hospital's program comes as the nation continues to grow heavier. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in three adults are obese, and that extra weight is associated with a number of health problems.

Hospital officials said they hoped their contest encourages healthy eating and regular exercise. They've modeled it on "The Biggest Loser" television reality show.

"Everybody at the first of the year wants to lose weight," added Kristin Thompson, business growth leader for the hospital.

Participants will receive weekly emails of encouragement from the hospital. Otherwise, they'll be exercising and counting calories on their own.

"I've been working to lose weight so that I can lower my blood pressure," said Tracey LaRue, a Spotsylvania resident.

LaRue, a schoolteacher, said she's lost 47 pounds recently and hopes to lose another 26 pounds during the 13-week program.

She also said she's been running and hopes to compete in the Marine Corps Historic Half race this spring.

"This can only help," she said.

Final weigh-ins will be held May 1, when the hospital begins holding farmers markets for the season.

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