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Tales are badges of dishonor
A tale of how three teens got better of Culpeper speed trap

Date published: 2/2/2013

AT THE LUNCH counter the other day, several of us were chatting when someone mentioned a recent traffic ticket.

"Radar?" one guy asked.

"Yep," the recipient of the traffic ticket replied.

"Remember years ago when they used to set those radar guns up on a tripod?" the first guy asked.

"Yeah," someone replied. "It took two cops to man them."

Suddenly, a mischievous smile appeared on the face of the second guy and he began to tell us a tale that involved three teenage boys.

"One of these boys had gotten a traffic ticket and he was sore at that radar gun," the man began. "I guess he wanted his pound of flesh.

"Well, they had radar set up out there a few miles from town one evening with two cops working it. All of a sudden, this car whizzes through about 15 mph over the speed limit and the first cop takes off after him. About three miles down the road, the driver pulled over.

"About the time the first car stopped, a second car came flying past the radar gun at about 70 mph, so the second cop jumps in his cruiser and takes off after him."

Now the man paused, and an expression of real satisfaction appeared on his face.

"While those two cops were out chasing the first two cars, the guy who had gotten the earlier ticket drove up and took the tripod and radar gun," he said finally.

"Was that you?" someone asked?

"Naw, not me," the man replied.

"Are you sure that wasn't you?" someone else pried

The man chuckled.

"Well, all I'll say is that those three boys didn't know what to do with that tripod and radar gun after they got it. And I know that for a fact."

I'll bet there were two police officers who had some tall explaining to do when they got back to headquarters.

While I'm on the subject, there is one other retaliation story that comes to mind.

This town officer had been harassing this old boy--who probably deserved harassing--for months.

One cold, snowy night, the officer got a call from dispatch saying that the harassee was half drunk and causing a disturbance at the other end of town. So, the officer, ready to nail the old boy, headed for the scene of the crime.

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