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Warner's 'gang' produced workable plan

Date published: 2/5/2013

Warner's 'gang' produced workable plan

Mark Warner's article on Jan. 25 ["Congress must strike a 'grand bargain'--now"] is the most sensible approach forwarded to address the fiscal problems we face in this country.

The "Gang of Six" recommendations addressed deficit spending, tax reform, sequester limitations, and entitlements as a complete approach to deficit spending and the deficit.

Other positives are that the "Gang of Six" had bipartisan participation and followed closely the Simpson-Bowles Commission recommendations (just another committee's recommendation to be ignored).

Why hasn't the Senate brought its recommendations to the floor for a vote and/or why hasn't the House called for support for this measure in its chamber? It is sad that their work lies dormant while deficit spending continues.

Bravo, Mark. Keep pushing for your measure. Let's hope, just one time, our representatives can forget about political parties and do what is right for the country.

Dick Hollenbach

Locust Grove