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Dogs don't need to chase foxes for 'fun'

Date published: 2/5/2013

Dogs don't need to chase foxes for 'fun'

In regard to the letter to the editor, "No cruelty seen in the thrill of the chase" [Jan. 25], the writer seems to have blinders on if he thinks it's a harmless sport for foxes to be chased down by his 12 beagles.

Whether or not the foxes are in a small space or a large pen isn't the point--what kind of sport is it to unleash his or anybody else's dogs on the foxes? Why should foxes live in fear of being caught and not in an environment where they can live peacefully?

The writer said a previous person who wrote a letter to the editor has an "animal rights agenda," as if this were a bad thing ["The hunt: Stop the cruelty of fox penning," Jan. 13]. He mentions that her beliefs would lead to "no dad ever taking his son or daughter hunting or fishing," and "backyard barbecues would disappear." What a stretch of the imagination!

Instead of taking his dogs, or anybody else taking his dogs, for a day of fun chasing the foxes, why can't they engage in a "sport" that doesn't harm any creature?

I have three dogs, and they live a happy life without harming other animals. There is really no need to continue fox penning. I'm sure the dogs would get along just fine without this "sport." Maybe we can help educate the owners about treating other creatures with dignity and respect and not try to mask fox penning as harmless.

I encourage those who feel as I do to back legislation to ban fox penning in Virginia or anywhere else.

Lenora Kruk-Mullanaphy