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Bring Laura back!

Date published: 2/5/2013

Bring Laura back!

Please bring back the Red Pen lady!

I've always enjoyed reading the column written by Laura Moyer regarding editing, proofreading, and grammar that appeared in your paper. She reminded us in this age of computerized spell check that you still need a real person to read it to make sure it is correct.

I was sorry to read she was leaving the paper to begin a new chapter in her career at the University of Mary Washington. You need to get her back!

In the Jan. 30 paper, there was an article about the "Humbel" nickel ["Humbel nickel from 1913 likely to fetch millions"]. Could you make the font any larger to highlight the typo?

Offer her a raise, free coffee, personal parking space, or whatever it takes to get her back. You and your readers won't regret it.

Ginna Sapanara