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Van Zandt proffers wisdom on guns

Date published: 2/6/2013

Van Zandt proffers wisdom on guns

Clint Van Zandt's column in Viewpoints ["Firearm violence: No quick fix," Dec. 30], should be on the front page of the newspaper under that same headline.

He has captured every one of the 10 issues that are directly relevant to drastically reducing the incidents of not only mass murders, but all murders not committed by gangs, terrorists, or relative-on-relative. His article is the first I have seen or heard in any medium that addresses all the primary causes of such horrific acts of violence.

He is the only one I have seen to identify the major cause and effect that violent video games, movies, TV shows, and music advocating the killing or maiming of women and police officers have on the perpetrators of these acts.

Mental health issues, combined with these negative incentives, are virtually the sole reasons for all known attacks since our society began pandering to such morally corrupt displays of callous violence.

Unfortunately, as Van Zandt says: "There is no quick fix." But at least he is spot on in identifying the reasons such violence has escalated.

Joseph Sucha