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Gay rights? Why?

Date published: 2/6/2013

Gay rights? Why?

Gay rights advocates have been politically clever in linking gay rights with civil rights. It's a good political trick and it helps garner support for gay rights. But just what is the real meaning and value of gay rights?

The concept of civil rights come from the Latin legal concept of ius civis, the rights of citizens. In American legal thinking, it applies to the equal rights of all citizens.

Anglo-Saxons had a concept of common-law rights, that is, rights common to everyone. We have a society based on lawful rights, and there is nothing more important, but until recently gay rights wasn't a legal concept.

Gay rights advocates want us to change the U.S. Constitution and the law to accommodate them. Gay marriage laws are unprecedented. Laws should be formed on established legal precedent, not on the wishes of certain people or to make certain people happy. Everyone does have an equal right to marry a consenting adult of the opposite gender of any race.

Making an issue of gay marriage and gays in the military is a trick to gain political ground. Minorities were forced to serve in the military. They weren't claiming a right to serve, but they did gain politically by serving. A ban on interracial marriage violated the civil rights of all races. Minorities wanted equal rights.

Gays should have the same rights as everyone else, but not a different class of rights. It doesn't seem fair to equate gay right with civil rights.

John Sterne