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Reporting on guns is highly inaccurate

Date published: 2/6/2013

Reporting on guns is highly inaccurate

Wow! This morning, I listened to Soledad O'Brien on CNN as she interviewed some gun guy. She quoted a report from a college in Pennsylvania and said that "automatic assault rifles, liked the one used in the Newtown shooting, should be banned."

First, "automatic assault rifles" are already banned.

Second, MSNBC has reported that the assault-style rifle in Newtown was not even used. (It was, as initially reported, found in the trunk of the car.)

Several days ago, I listened to an interview by Anderson Cooper (again CNN) in which he justified the poor reporting of the Newtown shooting by saying "reporting is an imperfect science." Really?

I grew up in an era when Walter Cronkite said "and that's the way it is," and that was the way it was. Not almost like that. Has factual reporting become a lost art in this country?

David C. Munsee