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McDonnell's tax hikes are sneaky!

Date published: 2/6/2013

McDonnell's tax hikes are sneaky!

Someone call Grover Norquist's 911 number! Republicans all over the country are raising taxes in one guise or another.

In Virginia, we have Gov. McDonnell and his ridiculous and sneaky idea for transportation. Instead of the simple and straightforward action of raising gasoline taxes to a level needed to sustain and expand transportation (and in spite of the extremely poor management skills of VDOT), he proposes to raise the sales tax.

Both are tax increases (which McDonnell doesn't address and are vehemently opposed by Republicans and Norquist). But the sales tax would raise much more revenue and would likely be partially used by politicians for something other than transportation.

Just raise the gas tax to the level needed to expand public transportation options and maintain the highways. Stop saying Republicans will never raise taxes!

Bob Buchanan