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No local children appear in videos page 2
Federal officials found no suspicious videos involving local children in search of pornographer's Stafford home.

Date published: 2/6/2013


Manring also reached out to children through music, giving lessons at studios and in his home.

He worked at BANG! Music in North Stafford Plaza and claimed to have worked at Picker's Supply in Fredericksburg, giving guitar and drum lessons at both places.

He was also active in martial arts as a student at Power Kix studio in North Stafford Plaza, where he also helped informally with classes after earning a black belt.

Odyssey Montessori School issued a statement this week regarding the school's prior employment of Manring.

"The Board of Trustees and the founders of the school, Wendy LaRue and Eva Thornton, are both shocked and saddened to learn about this news," Trustees President Mallon D. Link said.

She said the school has always made safety the priority, believing children "must be safe and feel safe in order to learn."

Manring worked part-time as a contracted music teacher, was never alone with students, and had undergone the state-mandated background checks without raising any concerns, Link said in the statement.


As of Tuesday, just one parent had contacted the Postal Service with questions about whether her child might have been abused during the 12 years Manring worked in the region.

Parents with concerns should speak to their children and consider taking them to a counselor if they suspect they were victimized.

Any parent whose child was victimized should contact the U.S. Postal Service Inspection Division at 877/876-2455.

Any new allegations would become part of the federal case already under way, the inspector said.

She noted, however, that none of the videos in Manring's possession depicted anything of an erotic nature involving American children.

Federal agents found some videos that were apparently part of Manring's work in giving music lessons. In those, fully clothed children were shown playing the drums. In some cases, parents can be seen in the videos, the inspector said.

Had investigators found anything criminal involving an American child, they would have tracked down the family, she said.

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Anyone with information about a possible crime should contact the U.S. Postal Service Inspection Service at 877/876-2455.