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Drop-kick 'miscarriage' should not stand

Date published: 2/6/2013

Drop-kick 'miscarriage' should not stand

This letter is in regards to the father who was jailed for punching a coach who "drop-kicked" his son ["Coach freed, father jailed," Jan. 31].

As a parent of children in Spotsylvania County, I'm appalled by the injustice of Judge Phillip Fines and the apparent disregard by Ni River Principal Veronne Davis for our children's safety. It's a miscarriage of justice that Judge Fines reduced the felony charge against Coach Joseph Hart to a misdemeanor. Furthermore, Judge Fines ordered the father of the child who was drop-kicked to serve a day in jail.

These actions do nothing but bolster other coaches who act recklessly with our children. Principal Davis' statement that she talked to Coach Hart twice after the incident and he didn't think Devon was hit hard is completely self-serving. It would be foolish to expect the coach to say anything different.

I trust the appellate court and the Spotsylvania school administration will have the final say on this matter, and that the injustice and disregard for the safety of our children will not continue unanswered.

In a letter from a Birmingham jail, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Gordon Johnson